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Body wraps help restore the body to a natural state of well-being by incorporating the natural detoxifying and mineralizing properties of specialty products with the most innovative equipment and techniques available.

# - This symbol represents our signature collection of treatments that have been crafted from locally harvested indigenous ingredients providing you with a unique and unforgettable experience.
BAHN (Blue Coyote Wrap) #
110-minutes from $250-$270
Symbolic of Coyote's coat turning the beautiful color of Bluebird, our proprietary Azulene mud is applied to the body. Unlike prideful Coyote, as the blue is removed, your skin will feel more radiant, soft and beautiful. The entire experience is completed with a hydrating cedar and sage oil full body massage. Your therapist will give you a copy of the Bluebird and the Coyote Legend for you to take home and share with your friends and family.
STOHA (White Clay Wrap)
50-minutes from $135-$155
(80 minute includes 25 minute massage) 80-minutes from $195-$215
Journey back to simpler times with this deluxe body treatment designed specifically for Aji Spa. Indigenous white clay is applied to the body to form a nourishing body mask. As you are wrapped, an indulgent scalp massage will send you into the ultimate state of relaxation. Your journey will be completed with a moisture application, leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed.
THASH (Native Sun Wrap)
25-minutes from $75-$95
(50 minute includes 25 minute massage) 50-minutes from $135-$155
Your indulgence will begin with an application of melted Sun Blend Shea Butter and Sun Blend Body Oil. The body is then enveloped in our aromatic steam capsule where the steam therapy allows the body to absorb the natural A, D and E vitamins rich in antioxidants. The entire experience will improve circulation, neutralize free radicals and have an overall therapeutic effect on the body.
TOHONNO JUN JUHK (Desert Rain Honey Scrub, Wrap and Massage)#
110-minutes from $250-$270
Start your journey with an aromatic scrub in our Vichy shower that will refresh your skin as the rain refreshes Mother Earth. Your experience continues with a wrap including fresh Arizona honey and Olive Oil from local merchants. The combination of these Indigenous desert ingredients helps to retain valuable moisture and maintain soft, supple skin. Your journey ends with a relaxing full body massage.

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